Seeking Job in Sustainability with a Media Background

Hi! I currently work at a communications agency on the digital team and am client-facing.

I have previous in-house experience as a Multimedia Coordinator and Assistant Marketing Manager.

I’ve freelanced in writing articles, producing video/audio/photo and managing websites.

Seeking job referrals/recommendations that would allow me to perform work that aligns with ESG–specifically environmental.

Would greatly appreciate any leads!


Good luck @korat-32. Are there any roles you’ve found that you believe are a good fit for you?

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Thank you for asking @founder0!

Roles I believe area good fit for me are: Digital Marketing Manger, Content Strategist, Marketing Manager

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@korat-32 We’ve had a number of folks get referred for those roles. Look through our company list and their open job postings.

I’m sure there will be folks who can put in a referral for you!

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Thank you!