Seeking to Pivot from Healthcare to IT

I’ve been working in healthcare for about 7 years, and the last few have been focused on technology in healthcare. I don’t have any degree currently, but am full-time in school for IT with a focus on Cyber Security. I’m looking for a role to pivot into from my current role which works with EHRs and workflow for physician offices. My hope is to work either with Oracle Cerner or Epic, though it appears Epic doesn’t have remote opportunities at this time. I’ve applied for several roles within the Cerner division at Oracle and had one interview for a role in which the salary the recruiter mentioned was roughly 10k/year less than I currently make. I would love so much to work at Oracle in the Cerner team because of my experience with Cerner, but am not sure of the best way to get in the door.

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@feist-03 can you please connect and help out with some guidance on getting into Oracle and quite possibly a referral?