Sharing 3 PM interview prep tips

Hi Refermarket community,

Wanted to share a few things I’ve found helpful during the interview prep stage:

  1. chatGPT: Using prompts like “Explain [TOPIC] like Im 10 YO” and “Give me a mental model or analogy for [TOPIC]”. This helped me get a really foundational understanding of topics or domains that I "thought I knew

  2. If I don’t have someone to mock with, I’ll capture a video recording (on a mac, I use photo booth), of standard behavioral questions. Obviously, STAR method is the way to go, but its really about the way to convey your message. (I cant believe how many times, I use filler words like ummmm.

  3. For product sense/design questions, an unconventional way of identifying user segments is through psychographics. You need to stand out from other PMs - and this way of breaking down users through motivation and mindset is much better (IMHO) than demographics. Here are some links:

Psychographic Segmentation: A Beginner's Guide - Qualtrics.