Thank you for making this website!

As the title says Thank you for making this website!
In this period of recession getting a job has become so difficult not only that
most of the recruiters prefers referral over any other application
And I have received Google, Apple and IBM referral (still waiting an update though lmao) out of which Google and IBM was where recruiters first presented their referrals in discussions forum.
Not just that, if we ask for a referral in the forum Admin will give us a free credit, this just shows that the website was not made by some money hungry people but rather by someone who actually faced a similar issue and wanted to help others
I have shared this website with some of my friends but donā€™t want to put it on an online forum otherwise it would be filled with bots and spams.
Hope admins help the people in need and continue this kind work


Thank you for the kind words. Hope the referrals end up landing you the job!

Look forward to helping you land your next job!

Good to hear! Good luck on the hunt :slight_smile: