What is your deciding factor in choosing a person to refer?

This is my first time on the app, and I recently requested for a referral at Oracle. I see have 6 potential matches. I’m curious on what the other sides looks/feels like. What is your deciding factor on choosing who you will refer. I think it’s interesting to know both perspective as I navigate this website.

Usually I take a quick glance to the resume and my deciding factors are:

  1. How much experience do they have in a specific domain (for specific roles)? Sometimes I generalize and look at YOE as a whole.
  2. What contributions did they make at their previous company that had significant impact?

Those two are usually what I immediately look at it. Most of time depending on how good a resume is written, I can quickly judge how experienced a candidate is.

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Hello, could you please review my resume and let me know if I would be eligible for a referral for entry-level jobs or internships in MNCs?

my resume drive link : Resume